About Us

Be a part of the Vision!

Greenwood Swingout exists to unite a city and its people through the power of Swing music and Dance.

In 1921 Tulsa, OK had the worst race riots in US history, leaving a deep scar on our community. Despite the efforts of many, Tulsa like many cities has struggled to fully recover.

In the past hatred and unjust laws kept people apart, today those laws do not exist ,but we all still struggle to find effective ways to interact with people that are different than us.

During the peak of segregation The Savoy Ballroom was a bastion of racial diversity. Swing music and dance crossed every color line and united a nation. It is that same spirit that can break down barriers today.

Join with us to help unite our city through the love of this wonderful dance.

Greenwood Swingout Vintage Swing Dance Festival hosted by Vintage Swing Movement

Enjoy a weekend of great dancing and music in our favorite city – Tulsa, OK!